The Governors’ Institute on Community Design® advises governors and state leaders as they seek to guide growth and development in their states. The Institute brings together leading practitioners and academicians in the fields of government, design, development, and regional economics to help each state’s executive team make informed choices as they shape the future of their states.


“The Institute played an important role in the Administration's efforts to develop a strategic and thoughtful approach to economic development that includes directing growth to places that not only create the greatest return on the state's investment, but also create great communities for the citizens of New Jersey.” — Wayne Hasenbalg, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Planning for Governor Christie (NJ) (read more)

State Policy Guide

The Policies that Work: A Governors’ Guide to Growth and Development is intended to help governors find tried and trusted policies that can help them produce more cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable patterns of growth. (read more)