The mission of the Governors’ Institute on Community Design is to assist governors and their cabinets and staffs as they seek to guide growth and development in their states. A central goal of the Institute is to give governors practical solutions to the issues they face and a better understanding of how community design can be used to increase the social and economic well being of their states and citizens.

The Governors’ Institute recognizes that the every state faces a distinct set of opportunities and challenges. By developing targeted workshops for individual governors, their cabinets and staff, the Institute is able to address each governor’s particular priorities. Governors’ Institute workshops bring nationally renowned experts together with one governor, his or her cabinet and staff for an intensive one to two day working session on a topic chosen in advance by the host governor.

Issues We Address

The Governors’ Institute on Community Design addresses numerous issues related to growth, development, and community design. Some of the issues addressed include:

  • State government organization
  • Intergovernmental cooperation
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Transit and transit-oriented development
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Land conservation
  • Water quality and supply
  • Workforce and affordable housing
  • Economic Development
Why do governors participate in the Governors’ Institute?


How can the Governors’ Institute help governors?