policy guide

The Policies that Work: A Governors’ Guide to Growth and Development is intended to help governors find tried and trusted policies that can help them produce more cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable patterns of growth. Taken in total, this guide lays out a systematic approach to smart growth policymaking at the state level. It is designed to provide governors and their staff and cabinet secretaries with hundreds of ideas about policies, administrative actions, and spending decisions that have actually produced smarter growth in other states – ideas and outcomes that they may be able to replicate in their own states.

“You will find hundreds of examples of proven programs that can help you and your state encourage smarter and more environmentally sustainable patterns of development. As former governors, we can unequivocally say that we wish we had a document like this when we were in office to serve as a roadmap to smarter growth.” Governors Parris N. Glendening & Christine Todd Whitman (read the Governors’ entire letter)