Just as no two states are alike, no two workshops are alike. Each workshop is designed to address the specific priorities of the host governor. Nevertheless, there are common elements.

  • Governors’ Institute workshops are developed individually for one governor and his or her cabinet and staff and held at a convenient location in the host state.
  • The host Governor identifies the challenge; the Institute provides the national experts who can offer potential solutions.
  • All workshop are preceded by one or two pre-workshop reconnaissance trips by Governors’ Institute staff.
  • The agenda and list of participants for each workshop is developed in coordination with the Governor’s cabinet and staff.
  • Workshops generally take place over a day and a half days, with the first day consisting of expert presentations and intensive working sessions, followed by a concluding session the next day, at which an initial set of verbal recommendations are made.
  • Workshops are generally small, top-level meetings, with all discussions confidential, but they can be structured differently at each Governor’s request.
  • Each Governor must agree to be personally present to welcome the experts and participants as the workshop begins and to receive the team’s recommendations on the second day. Further participation by the Governor is encouraged. Other designated participants, including cabinet secretaries and staff, are present for the entire workshop.
  • The Institute’s work does not end when the workshop concludes. A final set of written recommendations is delivered to the Governor following the session and additional follow-up assistance and information may be available.