“The Institute played an important role in the Administration’s efforts to develop a strategic and thoughtful approach to economic development that includes directing growth to places that not only create the greatest return on the state’s investment, but also create great communities for the citizens of New Jersey.” — Wayne Hasenbalg, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Planning for Governor Christie (NJ)

“Rhode Island is proud to have been the first state to host the Governors’ Institute on Community Design. The Governors’ Institute has been extremely helpful in assisting our state in developing and implementing a cohesive strategy focused on local transportation connectivity within our cities and towns. They have offered our state and municipal leaders invaluable insights into addressing challenges related to this issue and beyond. We look forward to continuing our work with the Governors’ Institute.” — Governor Carcieri, Rhode Island

“As the fastest growing state in the nation, Arizona has benefited tremendously from the expertise offered through the Governors’ Institute on Community Design. This impressive group of professional staff and consultants immediately viewed our Arizona experience through our eyes and offered tangible short term and long term solutions to assist us in successfully addressing our growth challenges with local, county and Tribal partners.” — Governor Janet Napolitano, Arizona

“How we guide growth in Delaware is vital to our quality of life, our tourism and agricultural industries, our natural environment, and our reputation as a desirable place to live and work. After seven years of hard work, this workshop was a great reminder that we have very powerful laws and tools already at hand, but our guests also made a series of valuable and actionable recommendations to improve our efforts now and beyond this administration.” — Governor Minner, Delaware

“Overall, the workshop generated several powerful new ideas and identified a number of short-term solutions that the Climate Change Council can take action on immediately. The administration looks forward to working with the GIDC to provide additional information and increase resilience in the Virgin Islands.” — Senator Shawn-Michael Malone, US Virgin Islands

Christine Todd Whitman: Why do governors participate in the Governors’ Institute?

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Christine Todd Whitman: How can the Governors’ Institute help governors?

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